Quality Handbooks

SSRMP recently published two quality handbooks (QHB) related to the scope of clinical audits, which have been newly established as a peer review procedure on a national level:

– Recommendation for the preparation of a quality handbook for radiation oncology (SRO, SSRMP, SVMTRA)
– Empfehlung zur Erstellung eines Qualitätshandbuchs für CT-Untersuchungen (SGR, SGSMP, SVMTRA)

These documents are intended to be used as a guideline for radiotherapy and radiology centers in the preparation of a QHB, as required by Article 43 of the Radiation Protection Ordinance (RPO) of 26 April 2017.
The RPO2MPP working group (chaired by Peter Manser) created expert sub-groups of medical physicists and discussed the topic intensely with the members of RPO2MPP working group. Members of the Swiss Society for Radiation Oncology, the Swiss Society of Radiology and the Swiss Society of Radiation Therapists, were also involved in the creation and approval of these documents.