Statutes (2017)

The statutes are available in .pdf format in French or German.

Aim of the society

SSRMP promotes research and teaching in the fields of radiobiology, medical physics and radiation protection, as well as in other disciplines of medical physics. It brings together and represents people who are active in these areas and who are interested in interdisciplinary collaboration and scientific development of these disciplines.

SSRMP is structured around its major bodies:

  • the general meeting;
  • the executive board;
  • the standing committees.

Executive board

The board shall consider all matters related to the missions and goals of SSRMP and prepare the general meeting. It defines the strategy of the society and the objectives of the standing committees.

Standing committees

The standing committees of the SSRMP are composed of the:

  • committee for education;
  • committee for professional affairs;
  • committee for science.


Committee for Education

The committee for education ensures that, in Switzerland, medical physicists can satisfactorily perform their duties, under their own responsibility and independently. In particular, the committee is competent for:

  • Training and continuous development in the field of medical physics, both in content and quality;
  • Commitment for the creation and networking of training positions;
  • Setting up the guidelines ruling the certification of medical physicists and ensuring compliance with these regulations;
  • Follow up of the candidates to the specialization and organization of the certification examinations.

Committee for Professional Affairs

The committee for professional affairs represents the professional interests of medical physics to employers, institutions, authorities and other professional societies. It is actively committed to the development of professional status. It promotes the professional image of medical physics. It covers:

  • Commitment to represent the professional interests of its members;
  • Promoting the status of medical physics;
  • Commitment to a proper position of medical physics in the clinic.

Committee for Science

The scientific committee’s mission is to promote scientific activities in the field of medical physics, radiobiology and related fields:

  • Organization of the annual scientific meeting;
  • Propose scientific studies;
  • Coordination of multidisciplinary scientific collaborations with related disciplines;
  • Promotion of scientific exchange and organization, for that purpose, of periodic open sessions where scientific topics can be discussed.