Talk to the board!

The SSRMP board regularly informs its membership about the society’s activities through articles published in the Bulletin and our website. If you feel like hearing more about a specific topic, however, there are many ways to communicate with the board members. The board would like to foster communications with our members by offering direct channels to get in touch.

Call the board

Simply call a board member to have an informal chat.

Board member Phone number
Margherita Casiraghi 091 811 85 30
Michael Fix 031 632 21 19
Stefano Gianolini 044 388 63 80
Maud Jaccard 079 947 77 96
Yvonne Käser 079 453 99 02
Jérôme Krayenbühl 044 255 32 49
Thiago Lima 041 205 63 78
Roman Menz 061 328 73 14
Markus Notter 031 300 95 11
Marta Sans Merce 079 553 35 06
Regina Seiler 041 205 58 07
Véronique Vallet 079 556 02 08

Write to the board

You can post your enquiry to the. The board will address your issue as soon as possible.

Share with the board

The Applied Medical Physics (AMP) group of the society meets regularly to discuss current applications of medical physics. Updates from the various working groups are presented, and the board reports about current issues being handled. All members are welcome to attend, participate in discussions, and talk to the board members.

Formal enquiries

All members are invited to the annual SSRMP general meeting. In accordance with art.14 of the society’s statutes, the board reports about all the issues addressed during the past business year. Members are welcome to comment on what was accomplished, and are invited to vote when needed. Formal member enquiries can be submitted prior to the general meeting, or informal requests for discussion can be made during the event.