Working Groups

working group contact main subject / comments
Applied Medical Physics (AMP) Raphaël Moeckli
Topics of current interest in all fields of physics as applied in medicine.
Medical Imaging Physics (MIP) Gerd Lutters
Topics of current interest in physics of diagnostic imaging as applied in medicine. Support the medical physicist contributing to the effectiveness of radiological imaging procedures.
Reference Dosimetry Stephanie Lang
Adapt the recommendations on reference dosimetry of photons in the MV range, of photons in the kV range and of electrons, in close collaboration with METAS.
IGRT Jean-François Germond
A general recommendation on Quality Control in IGRT has been published.
IMRT Raphaël Moeckli
A recommendation on Quality Control in IMRT has been published.
PET/CT Francis Verdun
Develop a recommendation on Quality Control of PET/CT.
Quality Control of Treatment Planning Systems Pierre-Alain Tercier
The WG has been re-established to review / update the existing recommendation.
Critical Incident Reporting System (CIRS) Léon André
Combined with SASRO – with three main objectives:
– coordinate reporting required by law by providing a common database online;
– offer ROSIS.CH as a clinic internal CIRS to be used by those interested;
– offer an efficient method to enter data into ROSIS voluntarily.
Standardization in Medical Physics Werner Roser
Compilation of comments concerning working documents of IEC Technical Committee no. 62 “Electrical equipment in medical practice”.
ROKIS Peter Pemler
Radio-Onkologie-Klinik-Informations-Systeme (combined with DGMP & ÖGMP): after the publication of the recommendation the Working Group is following the developments of such systems.
Stereotactic Convergent Beam Irradiation Andreas Mack
Participation in the DGMP working group.
BAG/SSRMP Contact Group Peter Manser
All members are invited to submit their questions to be discussed with BAG.
METAS/SSRMP Contact Group Peter Manser
All members are invited to submit their questions to be discussed with METAS.
Physics education for radiation oncology residents Tony Lomax
Combined with SRO: Organisation of a lecture series covering the physics topics of importance for radiation oncology residents, to help with the completion of their specialist training. Presentations for download.

The aim of listing the Working Groups is to provide you with the contact detail of the chairpersons in case you would have any question regarding a WG topic.

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