Get involved in your society!

Why get involved in SSRMP?

The society relies on colleagues being involved. Without participation from the membership, the board would end up deciding amongst ourselves what the members need – without input or feedback from you. We strongly urge you to be actively involved in your society.
The SSRMP executive board


The operational business of the society is managed by the executive board, which is elected at the general assembly (for a two year term), but everything else is the result of your contributions. The strength of our society comes from members volunteering to create a strong professional body. There are many ways to get involved in the society.

Participate in the periodic AMP meetings

The Applied Medical Physics (AMP) group of the society meets regularly to discuss current applications of medical physics in the field. Updates from the various active working groups are presented here. Ideas for new SSRMP recommendations/working groups can be proposed, and the details of recommendations under development are debated here. The AMP meetings are an open platform and there is no registration requirement for the meetings.

All members are welcome to come and listen to and to participate in current discussions, as well as to give their input to trigger new discussions.

Write an article for the Bulletin

The Bulletin and the website of SSRMP are how the society communicates with its members and presents itself to the outside world. The editor team, which is composed of four enthusiastic volunteers, publishes three Bulletin issues per year and keeps the website up to date. Besides the regular contributions from the society committees, the contents rely on volunteered contributions, like conference reports.

We encourage as many colleagues as possible to submit articles. If you would be keen to coordinate a series of articles or simply to write an article about your work challenges or an event that you have attended, please contact the editor team. Tell us about your creative ideas for making the SSRMP website more appealing.

Be active in a working group

An important goal of SSRMP is to support medical physicists in their clinical practice. For assuring and promoting the safe and efficient application of technologies in medicine, the society develops recommendations for good practice. For each new recommendation, or update, a working group is set up, composed of motivated volunteer members.

If you would like to participate in an active working group, get in touch with its chair.
If you identify a need for evaluating a current or near-future practice, please contact the chair of the scientific committee (Raphael Moeckli) with your idea – or simply come along to the next AMP meeting to share your proposal.

Organise the annual scientific meeting

The SSRMP organizes a scientific meeting once a year. The goal of the meeting is to promote research and education in medical physics. The community also meets there to share their local experiences. Volunteer committees organize the meeting and the structure of the contents.

Please contact the chair of the scientific committee if you would be willing to organize or to help with the organization of a future annual meeting. The community would be delighted to visit your region. Previous local organisers always provide a lot of support and advice for this task.

Organise a continuous education day

Almost every year an emerging topic of interest is proposed to be taught as a continuous education course.

Come forward with your ideas at the next AMP meeting.

Become a member of an SSRMP committee

The society’s strategies are developed and accomplished by a group of volunteers, made up of the board and the committees. Considering all matters related to the missions and goals, the society’s structure relies on its three pillars: education, professional affairs and science. Check the committees’ missions and the chairs’ annual reports published in the Bulletin for a detailed insight into their activities.

Every two years, the board nominates the committee members for a term of two years. Vacancies are advertised in the Bulletin. You can indicate your willingness to join a committee to the committee chair at any time.