Radiation Protection Training

The executive board is delighted to inform you that after a long time of preparation SSRMP received the FOPH license for the radiation protection training based on the document “Concept for the acquisition of the evidence of radiation protection expertise for SSRMP certified Medical Physicists in Switzerland”. The concept will become effective on July 1, 2020. All candidates registering for the acquisition of the SSRMP certification on or after July 1, 2020 will have to follow the new concept. Previously registered candidates proceed without any change, i.e. there is also no change for the mentors whose responsibility it is to ensure that, during the training period, the candidate performs all the relevant clinical activities and procedures. The mentor should support and foster the candidate in his/her training.

In short, the new concept foresees the following:

Each candidate has to successfully pass a recognized training as radiation protection experts for working areas B and C.
Each candidate successfully performs additional radiation protection training on the job as outlined in the concept document mentioned above.
Written confirmation by the mentor that the candidate completed the radiation protection training based on the requirements outlined in the concept document. A certificate will be issued to the candidate by SSRMP.
Evaluation of the training by questionnaires for the mentor and the candidate.

For now, the concept document is available on the members’ SSRMP intranet website. The information will be available on the public website by July 1, 2020.