January 2018

  • 19 January - SSRMP Recommendations No.8

    The board has approved the revision 2018 of the SSRMP recommendations No. 8 on Reference Dosimetry of High-Energy Therapy Photon Beams with Ionisation Chambers.
    The recommendations No.8 (2000) had been revised by the working group on reference dosimetry chaired by Stephanie Tanadini-Lang. The AMP validated the revision in June 2017.
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December 2017

November 2017

  • 3 November - General Assembly 2017

    The SSRMP general assembly 2017 was held at Bürgerspital Solothurn on October 27.
    The statutes of the society were updated.
    Art. 3, 14 and 25 were modified to improve the efficiency of the account management.
    Art. 19 was modified to follow up a member’s motion submitted in 2016.

    Review the statutes of the society

August 2017

June 2017

  • 28 June - Revision of the legislation

    Last April, the new radiation protection ordinances have been released by the Swiss Federal Council.

    Today, the Federal Office of Public Health additionally publishes a useful notice on the major novelties brought by this large ordinance revision:
    Was ist neu im Bereich der Medizin?
    Les nouveautés dans le domaine de la médecine?
    Quali sono le novità nell’ambito della medicina?

  • 21 June - AMP decision

    On June 21, 2017, the AMP group decided to support the revision of the SSRMP Recommendation Nr. 8 on Reference Dosimetry of High-Energy Therapy Photon Beams with Ionisation Chambers. AMP participants considered a few updates to the final draft prepared by the working group chaired by Stephanie Tanadini-Lang.

    The AMP group decided to launch a new working group dealing with the implementation of the new radiation protection ordinance (RPO) into medical physics practice (MPP). The SSRMP board found useful to propose such a dedicated working group for SSRMP members. It could serve as a platform where experts could identify and elaborate the adaptations needed in order to be online with the new RPO.
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April 2017

March 2017

  • 25 March - SSRMP-SSR Consensus

    SSRMP and SSR agreed on the functions and tasks of the medical physicist applicable in the framework of article 74 (ordinance on the radiation protection). Read the document

December 2016

November 2016

  • 21 November - AMP decision

    On November 21, 2016, AMP group decided to support SSRMP board’s proposal in revitalizing the working groups’ organization tightly around AMP. Focusing on currently active working groups (Reference dosimetry, Medical imaging, Stereotactic beams, …), each of them will revise their aim, roadmap and time frame under AMP’s umbrella considering not only science but education and professional relevancies. Reporting twice a year at AMP meetings will be a regular expectation. Further details will be developed by the board and the Science committee.

October 2016

September 2016

  • 28 September - New appointments on the Board

    The executive board of SSRMP decided new appointments:

    Roman Menz was appointed as Secretary
    Regina Seiler was appointed as Treasurer
    Raphael Moeckli was confirmed as Vice-President
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August 2016

  • 30 August - General Assembly 2016

    The SSRMP general assembly 2016 was held at Campus-Sursee on August 25.

    The executive board was renewed:

    Peter Manser was confirmed as President SSRMP
    Frédéric Corminboeuf was confirmed as chair of the committee for Educational Affairs
    Jean-Yves Ray was confirmed as chair of the committee for Professional Affairs
    Raphael Moeckli was confirmed as chair of the committee for Scientific Affairs
    Roman Menz was confirmed as board member
    Stefano Presilla was confirmed as board member
    Yvonne Käser was elected as new board member
    Regina Seiler was elected as new board member

    With many thanks, Hans Roser (board member), Werner Roser (Treasurer) and Daniel Vetterli (Secretary) stepped down after several years of strong commitment to SSRMP.

  • 23 August - Bulletin 86

    August Issue Nr. 86 is online

  • 10 August - New home page

    A newer presentation of the website has been made available with a new front page providing a new experience for the visitors. It emphasises the organisation structure of the SSRMP executive board around its three committees. Each “block” allows the visitor for direct accesses to their related and managed topics. Top menus remain with about the same contents but with a new calendar of events grouping all categories. The new front page will offer different experiences of the contents and easier way to find what is looked for. The advanced search tool further supports the visitor.

    The calendar of events has been totally redesigned to group all events in a unique section. It offers the visitor categories and tags allowing for event selections like courses or congresses only. Past events remain available by navigating through years and months.

    Also new is the recovery of the member’s addresses query tool.

May 2016

  • 27 May - AMP 22nd June 2016

    AMP Meeting Announcement 2016-06-22

    Main topics

    Revision of SSRMP recommendation Nr 8
    Bunker Shielding survey
    TLD Intercomparison 2016


  • 14 May - SSRMP Education Course on Medical physics in Nuclear Medicine




February 2016



October 2015


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August 2015

  • 26 August - Annual scientific meeting 2015


September 2014

  • 8 September - 50 Jahre SSRPM, 12 November 2014


  • 8 September - Joint conference, 7-10 september, Zürich